Writing 201: Trust, Acrostic, Internal rhyme

Of Blood and Hunger

Suddenly, you look up at me
And I fear I’ve slipped again.
I see the darkness in your eyes,
Nothing cures this terrible hunger,
Tears on snow and the bright, wild rose
Simply hold us back.

Do not cry, my love,
I will hunt you a feast
Even if it drains from my own heart.

Leave me, that I may find myself,
Only then will I begin to change.
Never have I asked it of you,
Everlasting hunger, everlasting pain.
Leave me so I may join you.
Yours, faithful. Yours alone.

OKAY! That was fun. Clearly, I’ve been reading vampire books again. This was based off The Clodest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black, but looking at it, it seems like it could have been written by own of those freaky hangers-on in True Blood (fangbangers, I think they’re called? I used to read the books.)
Anyhow, hope you enjoyed.



5 thoughts on “Writing 201: Trust, Acrostic, Internal rhyme

  1. 3skay

    Thus was a passion filled piece, the relationship between the phrase the first letters made up and the piece itself had an interesting effect. Talking about saints dying alone and the peace talking about an emotional bond, kinda gave me the message that they were no saints. But there was that love, unclean but strong.



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