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Writing 201 & Travel

Clearly, I failed the challenge. As per usual, I have an explanation, but no excuse. The insomnia got really bad these past few weeks, so at some point, I just decided fuck it and curled up in bed with a book until I passed out.
On the other hand, my plans to travel to Germany have been running smoothly. Yes, I can hear your confusion. “Wait, you’re going to Germany? But Woad, you can’t even get half a night’s sleep! And you failed in bringing us poetry!” I know, I’m sorry. Thankfully, the insomnia’s hit a lull, and yes, I’m going to Germany (squee!). But! It’s going to take a while.
Fear not, my intrepid blogger friends, there is still more weird to come.
(Collapses into giggles)



Writing 201: Animal, Concrete, Enjambment

Against All Odds

                 the size of my
         hand, this ball of fluff, this             closed-eyed white creature. Moose    I decide is a perfect name. Prayer.         for your future, a ghost of hope that you will be



Writing 201: Trust, Acrostic, Internal rhyme

Of Blood and Hunger

Suddenly, you look up at me
And I fear I’ve slipped again.
I see the darkness in your eyes,
Nothing cures this terrible hunger,
Tears on snow and the bright, wild rose
Simply hold us back.

Do not cry, my love,
I will hunt you a feast
Even if it drains from my own heart.

Leave me, that I may find myself,
Only then will I begin to change.
Never have I asked it of you,
Everlasting hunger, everlasting pain.
Leave me so I may join you.
Yours, faithful. Yours alone.

OKAY! That was fun. Clearly, I’ve been reading vampire books again. This was based off The Clodest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black, but looking at it, it seems like it could have been written by own of those freaky hangers-on in True Blood (fangbangers, I think they’re called? I used to read the books.)
Anyhow, hope you enjoyed.


As per usual, I missed a day…

Writing 201: Journey, Limerick, Alliteration
I thoroughly failed the alliteration bit, but thankfully, having been addicted to tongue-twisters as a child, I am quite familiar with them.
So, yesterday’s poem (yes, I did write it yesterday, I just didn’t post it) is a two-part limerick about madness.


We spend our days in the rain
Losing ourselves to the pain
Cigarette smoking
And dead-thing stick poking
Until we start breathing again.

I couldn’t last a day
In reality, you claim
But inside my mind
You’d fall, you’d die
Shove your opinions up your *ahem*


Writing 201: Water, Haiku, Simile

Right, so it’s  actually a Tanka, because I can’t write haiku without sounding like a five year old. Go check out the writing201 tag, you’ll find some awesome shit.

Moonrise like water
Your lunch runs for fear of death
Your golden eyes bright
So small, you fear no evil
This werekitty owns my heart.

Written in reference to Lacy from the “Real Vampires” series by Gerry Bartlett.
Clearly, I’ve been reading fiction again. There will likely be more to come…