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Writing 201 & Travel

Clearly, I failed the challenge. As per usual, I have an explanation, but no excuse. The insomnia got really bad these past few weeks, so at some point, I just decided fuck it and curled up in bed with a book until I passed out.
On the other hand, my plans to travel to Germany have been running smoothly. Yes, I can hear your confusion. “Wait, you’re going to Germany? But Woad, you can’t even get half a night’s sleep! And you failed in bringing us poetry!” I know, I’m sorry. Thankfully, the insomnia’s hit a lull, and yes, I’m going to Germany (squee!). But! It’s going to take a while.
Fear not, my intrepid blogger friends, there is still more weird to come.
(Collapses into giggles)



Woad Rambles


To me, this is the definition of life: a temporary reflection of light against multiple surfaces.


Hello, Internet

I do hope you’ll enjoy this world of mine. If you have met me in life, you will be shocked to know this is what goes on inside my head on an hourly basis. Or, perhaps, you won’t be shocked at all. Come in, sit down, and have a cup of tea. This might take a while.